Video & Digital Media Artist

vanishing point



I appropriated footage and soundtracks from selected "road movies" and centered them around the final scene in The 400 Blows. These movies are destination-less in a literal sense, without a physical landscape or space being sought. These stories are perpetuated for the most part by internal rather then external conflict, and are often an escape to find the state of mind where one can develop a means of introspection and creativity. I concentrated on the movement of these images by removing elements of plot, character, and context. I further obscured these images by enlarging elements of movement in the background, and blurring the images to remove signifiers and references to the specifics of the movies themselves. By eliminating traditionally representational elements of the road movie landscapes, my intent is to create a suggestively narrative work to push the concept of pure movement and pure object created by the speed and process of travel.


Press and Exhibitions

Moving into the interior of the warehouse, the ArtStreet installations get more chaotic. But there is memorable work that should not be missed. Natalie McKeever’s hypnotic video projections of road trips viewed from a car window are pure visual poetry. Layering her projections and editing out specific details, McKeever blurs what is past and present, proffering the seduction of endless reverie on the road.