Video & Digital Media Artist



SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEo 30 min, and Digital Image

The video is a progression of digital photos taken at intervals from a singular vantage point while moving from New Jersey to California. The images are blurred to concentrate on the abstracted forms that are created through the movement of travel. The imagery of the road is a conduit for meditation and introspection.  By combining this movement with a soft visual tactility and a lulling soundtrack a visual escape of hypnotic imagery that induces contemplation is created.

The accompanying digital image is a layering of all the photos used in the video component of the installation, shown simultaneously at an equal opacity. A visual average of the  country is created through this process. The entire distance is seen at once, and an unplanned abstraction emerges.

This is a 2 minute excerpt, full running time is 30 minutes.


Press and Exhibitions

Moving into the interior of the warehouse, the ArtStreet installations get more chaotic. But there is memorable work that should not be missed. Natalie McKeever’s hypnotic video projections of road trips viewed from a car window are pure visual poetry. Layering her projections and editing out specific details, McKeever blurs what is past and present, proffering the seduction of endless reverie on the road.
  • ArtStreet Visitors - a selection of images posted to Instagram with Unfolding as it was installed at ArtStreet.